Griffin Clay-Crafters,
I wanted to show you the Bird-house/Clock projects from the last session.  The results were great and everybody was successful.  Other projects from the class were two mugs, salt shaker, soap dispenser and a lamp.  The hardware for the lamps and clocks was included in the tuition for the class for the first time thanks to Griffin School District hosting.
Something new for us at The Clay Zone is the ability to accept credit cards.  If you'd like to pay for the class with your credit card, call me at 250-5195 and we'll take the information over the phone.



The next session will be 10 weeks of class and the projects will include a train and coal-car, a train station and accessories. We'll incorporate the lamp, dispenser pump and clock hardware into the projects as well somehow.  For the first class this session though, we will probably make a mug to learn how to work with clay, but, this time we will make a little larger mug - more of an adult size mug - for the parents to use.  It's all food safe and doesn't get hot in the microwave.  It's high-fire stoneware.  I make the glazes so I know what's in them.
Below is an example of the train and station projects for the next session.


See you in class!
David D'Urso
Ceramics Instructor